Little Lion Dog - Löwchen - Petit Chien Lion

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Little Lion Dog - Bumir Enchanter Tous (4 month old)

Little Lion Dog - FCI Breed Standard

Little Lion Dog

FCI Standard No.233/11.09.1995/GB
Translation: The Kennel Union of Southern Africa.
Origin: France.
Date of Publication of the Original Valid Standard: 11.09.1995.
Utilization: Companion. 
FCI’s Classification: Group 9 Companions and Toys Section 1.3 Bichons 
and related breeds Without Working Trial. 

General Appearance: Intelligent, affectionate small dog of lively character which embodies in itself the characteristics of a companion dog. The coat is clipped in the traditional poodle style, the tail being completely clipped except for a plume at the end, so that the silhouette resembles that of a small lion. 

Head: Short; fairly broad skull. 
Nose: Black, well placed and in extension of the nasal bridge. 
Eyes: Round, large, with intelligent expression, dark colour. 
Ears: Pendant, long and well-fringed. 
Body: Short and well-proportioned. 
Tail: Moderately long, clipped apart from the tuft in the shape of a plume at the 

Legs: Straight, slender. 
Feet: Small and round. 
Coat: Hair: Fairly long and wavy, but not curly. 
Colour: All colours are permitted, may be single coloured or spotted, except 
brown coats (chocolate, liver) and all derivatives of this colour. 

Size and Weight 
Height at withers: 25 - 32 cm 
Weight: 4 - 8 kg. 

Faults: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact 
proportion to its degree. 

  • Head: Too long; insufficiently broad skull. 
  • Nose: Spotty pigmentatlon, any colour other than black; upturned foreface (nose pointing upwards). 
  • Eyes: Small, almond-shaped, bulging, light-coloured eyes; unsteady gaze or malicious expression. 
  • Ears: too short, insufficient or no fringes. 
  • Body: Too long, lacking harmony or solidity. 
  • Tail: Too long, too short. 
  • Legs: Turned -out or bowed legs. 
  • Feet: Flat, long or splayed. 
  • Coat: Too short, curly or straight. Dogs not clipped in accordance with the standard are to be excluded from judging.
N.B.: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum. 


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